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39th Annual Houston Fishing Show
March 5th thru 9th, 2014
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas
Booths 659 & 661 – Exhibit Hall A


Louisiana Sportsman Show & Festival
March 13th – 16th, 2014
Lamar Dixon Expo Center
Gonzales, Louisiana
Trailer will be located at the entrance to the Sportsman Zone  – Trade-Mart Building

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We have created videos showing the recommended method of using the Rockport Rattler® jig head with a variety of soft plastics. Find your favorite.

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Proudly sponsoring the TV broadcasts from
Louisiana Outdoor Adventures

LOA is a fishing and hunting show geared toward the absolute best adventures the state of Louisiana has to offer.

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Rockport Rattler® is proud to announce its sponsorship of the CrappieMasters Tournament Series and CrappieMasters TV show. 

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Henry Waszczuk is now on our Pro Angler team

Rockport Rattler® welcomes accomplished saltwater angler and television host Henry Waszczuk to their Pro Angler team. Waszczuk, host of the award winning Fishing the Flats and Fins & Skins Celebrity TV series …

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Great Catch! - GREAT PICTURE - Tom Miller - Snook Caught 5/31/2011Read more …

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Rockport Rattler is now owned solely by Chicky Tackle Company, LLC.  Chicky Tackle Company, LLC, completed the acquisition of Rockport Rattler in late July, 2010, and has invested in complete new management and new production capabilities. These changes provide greater professionalism and ensure the manufacture of exceptional products with consistent results and increased availability.  Chicky Tackle Company, LLC, is privately owned by Mid-Gulf Coast native Charles Sablatura and his wife Vicky. 

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The Rockport Rattler® jig combines sound, color and light reflecting diamond cut glass eyes or realistic moving 3D eyes that gives every angler that uses it an advantage over an angler using a conventional jig or screw lock jig that doesn't make noise.

There are three important qualities that make the Rockport Rattler® the most effective jig on the market today.

  • Sound

  • Fish depend on sound for survival and spawning. The Rockport Rattler® jigs are designed so at there is no lead to muffle the sound. The rattle chamber is flush with the hook, and therefore the hook acts as an amplifier to amplify the sound outside of the soft plastic. Therefore the Rockport Rattler® jig is actually louder than a glass rattle by itself or inserted into a soft plastic.

  • Eyes

  • While sound from a Rockport Rattler® jig will attract fish, the eyes make it a more realistic presentation when the game fish finds it. Eyes are very important to a lure. The large Wild Eyes actually move around in a clear housing which holds air and gives these jigs more bouyancy. The Red and Gold Diamond Cut eyes reflect light and you will find that in muddy water, while you may have trouble seeing your soft plastic, the light reflected off the red or gold diamond cut glass eyes is very visible and gives the fish a Bull's Eye to hit.

  • Color

  • The different colored Rockport Rattler® jigs allows an angler to match the jig color to his choice of soft plastic color or give it some contrast which gives an angler more versatility when choosing a choice of colors for his soft plastic game. This also gives an angler's lure a more natural looking presentation than having just a piece of lead in front of an expensive soft plastic.

Since May 2003 the Rockport Rattler® jigs have caught a variety of species of fish in both saltwater and fresh water from the elusive Trophy Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Snook, Kingfish, Shark, Black Drum, Tarpon, Grouper , Cobia and freshwater Trophy Bass, Wall-Eye, Stripers, Northern Pike and Catfish.

The Rockport Rattler® jig, XMAX® and rattling hooks are  developed to make sound to attract trout, redfish, flounder and all species of fish.

Sound and the ability to "hear" are what redfish, speckled trout, flounder and fish in general depend on for survival and spawning.

With it’s unique rattle chamber, the Rockport Rattler® is literally a dinner bell for fish. The light reflecting eyes work well in both clear and muddy conditions. And the Mustad™ Ultra- Point hook is corrosion resitant. Just add your favorite tail and call’em in.


Available in a variety of colors.

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